Javanese wayang kulit continues to be wildly popular all over Central Java, East Java, Jakarta. Dhalang Purbo Asmoro 's agenda  can be found here each month.

Dalang Purbo Asmoro Javanese Wayang


    LEBARAN (IDUL FITRI)-Season Schedule

  • 9 Juli, Bendakan, Danguran, Klaten Selatan, Central Java, karawitan from Bp Wito
  • 10 Juli, Palar, Trucuk, Klaten, Central Java, karawitan by Mayangkara
  • 22 July, Pati, Java North-central Coast
  • 24 July, Menara Kretek Factory, Mojosongo, Solo
  • 25 July, Klaten, Central Java, at the home of Bagong Supono
  • 31 July (Minggupaingan), Ki Purbo Asmoro will perform at his own house, as a celebration of the recent doctorate awarded to Kitsie Emerson from Leiden University, based her dissertation on Ki Purbo Asmoro's all-night garapan style and its historical roots.

(Obviously there is not complete information yet on exact address, lakon, karawitan troupe, or possibility of live-streaming internationally. These details will all come in gradually from Ki Purbo as the dates become closer.)