Ki Purbo Asmoro

ISI, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta

Ki Purbo Asmoro adjudicating a student exam, Nov 2008
(photos by Kartika and Danang)

Purbo Asmoro has been a full-time studio professor in the pedhalangan department of the Institute of the Arts in Surakarta for over 20 years. He designs and runs performance studio courses, serves as a juror for undergraduate and graduate student exams, acts as an advisor to graduate students, serves on curriculum revision teams, collaborates with colleagues on the publication of new materials, and is an active participant in seminars and conferences on the direction of pedhalangan in the Solonese artistic community today.

Although he is a superstar in the performance world, Purbo Asmoro is well-known as an extremely dedicated, thoughtful, and patient teacher. Regardless of whether he may have been in the further reaches of East Java until 5 am performing,  he will still serve as an alert and keenly critical role model and mentor in his studio classes that very same day.

Each semester, Ki Purbo Asmoro teaches classes in basic techniques, as well as the upper level studio courses known as  "Pakeliran Garap", which explore new and innovative techniques in janturan/pocapan, iringan, dramatic structure, and expressive sabetan.


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