Ki Purbo Asmoro

ISI, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia
Wayang Golek Purwa Solo

Bima, Wayang Golek Purwa, gaya Solo

Purbo Asmoro has been intrigued for years by Wayang Golek Sunda and Cirebon, and how these traditions have been adpated into both Wayang Golek Kebumen and Wayang Golek Yogya traditions. In early November, 2008, he came up with the inspiration to create a Wayang Golek Purwa Gaya Solo version of this art form. 

He is in the process of creating the individual wayang golek set after which he will design sulukan and iringan and begin rehearsals. As he designs each wayang golek form, Ki Purbo works closely with a craftsman, and often has to make dozens of revisions before he is satisfied. The Bima above has already been sent back to the workshop five times, as Ki Purbo is still not happy with the body proportions, arms to torso.

STATUS Maret 2011: After a few years of delay due to his many other projects, Ki Purbo Asmoro has returned to this dream project of his, and recently completed the character Kartamarma. He plans to make the characters for DEWA RUCI, and have this be the first lakon performed.

More photos below.

All wayang designed by Ki Purbo Asmoro
All wayang crafted by Ki Kuswanta
(dhalang wayang golek, son of Ki Sindu Jataryana, alm)

link to Ki Purbo's traditional wayang kulit collections

Photo below: Wayang Golek Kebumen at ISI, November 2008, performed by Ki Kuswanta. Ki Purbo is on the left, with his back to the camera. Two days after this performance he made his announcement.
(photo by Kartika Nugroho and Danang Susilo)


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