Performances generally start around 20:30 or 20:45 and end around 04:00. You may arrive and leave any time you like, and taking photos is allowed. Often, the crowds are in the thousands so it is a good idea to arrive early and perhaps have a local guide. Any video recording should be proceded by permission from Ki Purbo Asmoro.

Ki Purbo Asmoro only makes public his performance schedule for the upcoming month. As per tradition in Java, almost all performances are free and open to the public. On the rare occasion that a performance is ticketed or closed, this will be noted. Often the exact address, story information, or recording/broadcasting/live-streaming details are not clear until the last minute.
Only the rare performance includes simultaneous English translation, unless requested by a group of interested viewers in which case it can be provided. If you are looking for the most up-to-date information, keep checking this page as changes and updates will appear. You can also check one of the Facebook pages organized by Ki Purbo Asmoro's various fan groups:

Ki Purbo Asmoro Forum
Ki Purbo Asmoro Fans Club
Penggemar Wayang Purbo Asmoro

If in need of additional information or navigational help in English, or if interested in requesting translation at the performance site, contact Kitsie Emerson at


Selasa, 2 Des, di rumah Ki Purbo Asmoro, dokumentasi oleh seorang mahasiswa dari Amerika Serikat, wawancara dari Ki Purbo Asmoro, dokumentasi di kelir oleh Ki Kukuh Indrasmara

Sabtu, 6 January, Mainggupaingan, dalang Ki Sumadi dari Sragen

​Jumat 19 Jan, RRI SOLO, lakon AJIPAMASA, karawitan Amarta 

Setu, 27 Jan, Letnan Agung Kantor PDIP Jakarta, dhalang x3: Ki Purbo Asmoro, Ki Anom Dwidjokangko, Ki Cahyo Kuntadi

Jumat, 23 Feb, Purwakerto, Banyumas, Mayangkara 

​Setu, 24 Feb, Pendhapi ISI SOLO, SANG ADAM, karawitan Mayangkara