every Minggupaing EVE, 20:30–02:00 at the home of Ki Purbo Asmoro, Jl Bromo, Gebang, Kadipiro, Solo

An approximate marking of Ki Purbo Asmoro's home is the circle at "Jalan Bromo V." This map shows the relative location of the airport in Solo, Hotel Ibis, and ISI Solo, showing that Ki Purbo's home is north-central to Solo proper. The best directions for a taxi are: "Saya mau ke rumah Ki Purbo Asmoro yang baru, di Gebang, Jl Bromo, sebelah utara Makam Bonoloyo."

Ki Purbo Asmoro USED TO CELEBRATE his monthly Javanese birthday, known as a wetonan or wiyosan, every Minggupaing evening, but now celebrates it every Minggupaing EVE (so on the Saturday night), by inviting a dhalang to perform in his beautiful pendhapa.This tradition is now in its SIXTH year!

The traditional Javanese calendar has five market days: Kliwon, Legi, Paing, Pon, Wage. Many Javanese know what combination of Javanese market day and conventional Western day they were born on. For Ki Purbo, this is "Sunday-Paing." Any one combination of the 5-day Javanese and 7-day Western week reoccurs  every 35 days and can potentially be a day to celebrate.

On the calendar below, the monthly Minggupaing date is marked with Ki Purbo's wayang figure logo.

Sabtu, malem Minggu, tgl 6 Januari 2018 jatuh Minggupaingan lagi dan yang akan tampil: Ki Sumadi dari Sragen