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In 2013–2014, The Lontar Foundation, Jakarta, published a major documentation of Ki Purbo Asmoro's styles, in a set known as "The Wayang Educational Package." This set contains:

  • 7 volumes of performance text (two in English, two in Indonesian, two in Javanese, and one volume of musical scores)
  • 21-DVDs covering 33 hours of UNCUT, live wayang footage by Ki Purbo Asmoro. The DVDs have both English and Indonesian subtitles.

The project documents two stories: Makutharama (Rama's Crown) and Sesaji Raja Suya (The Grand Offering of the Kings). Each story is told by Ki Purbo Asmoro in three styles: classical, contemporary, and condensed. The Javanese transcriptions from Ki Purbo Asmoro's performances are translated into English by Kathryn Emerson, with extensive annotations, and introductory/appendix material. They are translated into Indonesian by Dr Sugeng Nugroho and Dr Sunardi, of ISI Solo.

Ethnomusicologist Prof Benjamin Brinner of the University of California/Berkeley, described this publication as:

—"Sumptious...The most complete wayang kulit documentation project yet to be published."

(Asian Music, Volume 47, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2016, pp. 147-151)