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Purbo Asmoro, Dhalang


Ki Purbo Asmoro was born in 1961 in the small village of Dersana, in Pacitan, East Java, and currently resides in Solo, Central Java. He is both a superstar performer across Central and East Java and a senior instructor in wayang studies (pedhalangan) at the Institute of the Arts (ISI) in Solo.  in the 1990s, Purbo Asmoro developed an innovative style, now known as "all-night garapan" that is imitated by many dhalang of the younger generation. He is universally praised for his creative interpretations, rich character development, original poetic and debate passages, and complex gamelan arrangements that meld the traditional with the new.

Monthly Host

Every month, on Minggu Paing evening, Ki Purbo Asmoro hosts a wayang at his home in Gebang, Kadipiro. This event is open to the public and has been running for five years: 20:30 to 02:00, featuring a different dhalang every month. 

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Ki Purbo Asmoro has toured the USA on four occasions, in 2006, 2009, 2012, and 2013. He has toured the UK twice (1990, 2007), France on two occasions (2009, 2013) and Austria (1994), the Greek Islands (2001), Thailand (2005), Singapore (2006), Japan (2008), Bolivia (2009), and India (2010). He has performed in major cities (New York, Chicago, Paris, London, Seattle, Tokyo, Dallas, Houston, New Delhi, La Paz), as well as giving workshops and demonstrations at renowned universities (Cornell, University of Michigan, Oberlin, Wesleyan, Kalamazoo College) and at a number of museums (The Smithsonian Institute, Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, Johnson Art Museum in Ithaca, NY). See the INTERNATIONALpage for more details.